And so it begins…

I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time. The hardest step, as they say, is the first. And so, I invite you to take that first step with me.

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the out of the ordinary. I loved cartoons, science fiction and magic. The best days were when a new TV magic special would air. I would pay close attention to see if I could figure out how the magician was making what seemed like miracles happen.

I can still remember watching Doug Henning perform the classic Torn and Restored Newspaper (for the magicians in the audience, it was Gene Anderson’s routine, but I did not know that back then).

I can still remember my father asking me if I knew how it had been done. I had to admit to him at the time that while I had some ideas, it had been performed so well that I did not really know. It would be a number of years before the secret was revealed to me, and after that I would go on to perform the trick many times. But I can still remember the wonder at seeing it for the first time.

That sense of wonder is what magic is all about. It gives us a break from everyday reality. It creates a world of wonders where anything can happen. And being able to bring that sense of magic to an audience is what makes being a magician so special.

Thank you for coming along with me and for taking the time to share your own memories of magical times.

Until next time, I remain

Magic Mark

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