Ottawa’s Magical History

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada has been the home of many magicians. Our most well-known export was the renowned Professor himself, Dai Vernon. But Vernon spent little time in Ottawa, and the magician who made the biggest mark on the local magic community is the inimitable Roy Cottee, the founding President of Ottawa’s chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring 151, known since 1998 as The Roy Cottee Ring. The story of the renaming can be found below, as written by Jack “Jacko” Marshall and published in the Linking Ring, the monthly magazine of the I.B.M.

Currently in his 90’s, Roy is still a font of magical knowledge and enthusiasm. All of us who are fortunate to have spent time with him and benefit from his experience are better for it.

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  1. I know how very touched and surprised my dad, Roy was to receive this special and lasting honour from his dear fellow magicians.
    One thing not mentioned is that Roy is also an accomplished artist in Watercolour Painting.
    He has held featured art shows throughout the Ottawa area and has received numerous awards for his works, many of which are held in private collections.
    Roy, at age 94, continues to enjoy playing the piano, taking daily outdoor walks and painting a few times a week.
    Oh, and he will still perform a bit of sleight of hand when we encourage him to do so at family gatherings.

    1. Hello Pamela Cottee-Scholten,,
      We have one of your father’s watercolour paintings. It is entitled ‘In Winter’s Grip’. It was in our parent’s house and we now have it in our dining room. Your father was also a scientist at NRC and that is the logical connection for this piece of art.
      Please thank him for us.
      Marie & Bert (Jr.)

  2. I remember some of your dad’s impromptu shows from so long ago…he never failed to amaze. I am so happy to hear that he is still with us and doing what he loves most.
    Best wishes to your sisters Alex and Jo…a very long time since I have seen them, mid 70s I think. I am hoping they are well also.

    Kindest Regards

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