Magical People and Places

When I started studying magic, it was in the dark ages, before the Internet. These days, there are communities for every interest, from ant farming to zumba dancing.!

I am amazed how many magic themed blogs, websites and YouTube Channels have sprung up. Some sites that I recommend can be found below.

Chris Pilsworth is a friend and a full-time professional magician in Ottawa. We met at the regular meetings of Ring 151, Ottawa, of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He is also the creator of a number of very entertaining magic tricks that he is making available to the magic community.

For honest magic reviews, David at Magic Orthodoxy is a great choice. He also reviews custom playing cards and the occasional card game.

Jay Sankey is a tremendously talented magician who has written many books and created tricks used by magicians all over the world, including David Copperfield. He also teaches magic on YouTube.

For magic shops, I recommend Perfect Magic and the Browser’s Den of Magic.